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The Cats Broadway Show Tickets

Cats Broadway Show Tickets

If you come close to a stranger on the street in New York and ask him to name one succeeded musical show on Broadway, what do you think he will answer? Be certain, chances are too high the answer will be “Cats”! Suggesting you to buy Cats Broadway show tickets, we are making you closer to enjoying one of the most marvelous shows Broadway’s public has ever witnessed! This is a really stunning piece of art that will make you feel frustrated why you didn‘t go to see it earlier. Hence, if there is a slightest opportunity to buy Cats Broadway show tickets, don’t miss it.

Benefits of Buying The Cats Broadway Show Tickets in Vegas Right Away

Broadway is a magic little land situated right in the heart of the world, in New York. The best musical and other shows the world has ever seen are first set here and then played in other major cities of the world including Las Vegas. Vegas shouldn‘t be described as merely the city of sins, the city of gambling. The large spectrum of entertainment that Vegas offers its visitors involves fascinating performances. And today, we offer you get Cats Broadway Show tickets in Las Vegas and spend the most remarkable two hours and twenty minutes of your vacation admiring the perfect acting of talented and known artists. You’d better buy tickets online, even before you head to Vegas as the show is too popular to leave a single free seat in the hall.

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How the Magic Was Created

T.S. Eliot’s famous book “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” serves as the basis for the performance. The composer of the show Andrew Lloyd Webber describes the book as his favorite in his childhood. The book is composed of poems about felines’ psychology and sociology. The first performance of Cats directed by Trevor Nunn and produced by Cameron Mackintosh was played in 1981. The same year the musical won the 1981 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical and Outstanding Achievement in a Musical.
Nevertheless, despite this stunning success, the latest staged version produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber was recognized as even a more artfully created show. Unlike plenty of other musical performances in Las Vegas, the new cast included quite a popular cast. Here are the artists you are going to see on the stage once you get Cats Broadway show tickets online:

  • Mamie Parris (Grizabella)
  • Tyler Hanes (Rum Tum Tugger)
  • Quentin Earl Darrington (Old Deuteronomy)
  • Zachary Downer (Mr. Mistoffelles)
  • Aaron J. Albano (Skimbleshanks)
  • Samantha Sturm (Demeter)
  • Mackenzie Warren (Bombalurina)
  • Sarah Marie Jenkins (Jennyanydots)
  • Christopher Gurr (Gus/Bustopher Jones)
  • Andy Huntington Jones (Munkustrap)

The Plot

Most people have cats as their pets, but do they actually know who cats really are? They are not the ordinary small, pretty, furry animals. Oh, no, they are so much more. If you have no idea why and what makes them so special, you must see this show. Not to spoil the joy, all you need to know about the plot is that the cats themselves will introduce and tell their stories. Every story, so as every cat, is totally unique. Surely, they won’t do it boring. You have to be ready for the quick dances, real cats’ plastic, unforgettable songs and extraordinary costumes. If you can’t wait to know what it is about, you may read the book by T.S Elliot ‘Old Possum’s Book of practical cats’, which this show is based on.


So The Cats Show based on T.S. Eliot’s famous book will tell different stories of the Jellicle tribe. Once you have taken your seat in the hall with your tickets for Broadway Show Cats in your hand, be ready to see an elaborate junkyard that won’t change during the play. Once a year, all these cats gather to celebrate the Jellicle Ball. On this day, Old Deuteronomy played by Quentin Earl Darrington which is also the head of this fabulous tribe will make his Jellicle Choice. The chosen cat will be able to travel to the Heaviside Layer, a place where it can reborn. As you can presume, all cats want to be honored with this selection. At first, all the cats appear on the stage and introduce themselves as Jellicles with a song “Jellicle Songs for Jellicle cats”. Then, after the White Cat invites the audience to celebrate the Jellicle Ball, all cats start to tell their always unique stories one by one. None of them will leave you indifferent, as these stories are accompanied by real cats’ plastic, quick dances, and magnificent songs. Each cat appears in an extraordinary costume that perfectly goes with its character.
Anyway, uncovering each story now will be a real spoiler as even if you remember Eliot’s book well, you will find the performance a real masterpiece! Don’t delay but get some cheap tickets for Broadway show Cats in Las Vegas online right away to see everything with your own eyes! As the old Asian proverb says, “It’s better to see once than hear a thousand times”.

Why it is so popular

What makes this show special is its music. Undoubtedly, every Broadway show is unique with its music, but ‘Cats’ can be called the strongest musical of Lloyd Webster. Here, he introduces genres range from classical to pop, music hall, jazz, rock and electro-acoustic music as well as hymn-like songs. What is not typical for the Broadway shows here is the set. It doesn’t change throughout the whole show remaining the same oversized junkyard. So, if you urge to know all the cats’ secrets, this show is necessary for you to watch, no doubts!

Be a Part of the Marvel

Cats on Broadway show, which has conquered entire Europe and is now staged in Las Vegas, has won seven Tony Awards not only for the Best Musical but also for the best costume design and best direction. Buying tickets online for this marvelous show, you will witness the performance with the best music by Lloyd Webster. The music genres here range from pop to rock, from jazz to electro-acoustic. Moreover, there are hymn-like songs included in Cats Show, too.
So, buying Cats Broadway Show tickets will open you the entrance to the world of cats, their mysterious existence and characters all spiced up with excellent acting and gorgeous music!

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