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The greatest theatre ever


‘Everyone knows, that Broadway is the most glorious street of the New World’ – the famous American author Edgar Allan Poe wrote. Other Americans, besides it’s usual name, also call it ‘the white road’, because there are always flashes of photographer’s lights and the atmosphere is lively. Screens with advertisements, bunches of tourists, locals, who have already manage to get the tickets for the favourite show – all of these is a true spirit of the Broadway theatre.

Broadway is a road of opportunities. Lots of famous actors started their careers there. Now, they are highly appreciated and well-paid. Why? Because performing in such great place requires all kinds of skills: the best performing, excellent singing, true emotions, plastics for the outstanding dancing. Sounds pretty difficult, but all this is worthy watching. While watching any show, it is hard to imagine how ordinary people are able to do all this performing?! Well, you have always remember that Broadway – is an undoubtedly true magic.

Welcome the magnificent CATS

Most people have cats as their pets, but do they actually know who cats really are? They are not the ordinary small, pretty, furry animals. Oh, no, they are so much more. If you have no idea why and what makes them so special, you must see this show. Not to spoil the joy, all you need to know about the plot is that the cats themselves will introduce and tell their stories. Every story, so as every cat, is totally unique. Surely, they won’t do it boring. You have to be ready for the quick dances, real cats’ plastic, unforgettable songs and extraordinary costumes. If you can’t wait to know what it is about, you may read the book by T.S Elliot ‘Old Possum’s Book of practical cats’, which this show is based on.

‘Cats’ considered to be the most world-famous show. It has 7 Tony awards for the Best musical, best direction, best costume design and others. In addition, this is the only show which has notable casts through the whole world. The ‘Cats’ has been shown in almost every big country of Europe. It actually CONQUERED Europe! Moreover, it has become so popular after it’s recent revival in 2015 that in May 2016 it was announced that Tom Hooper would direct a film adaptation of the musical together with Universal Pictures studio. Production is planned for 2017-2018, so be ready to ready to see ‘Cats’ not only on the big stage, but on the big screen as well!

Why it is so popular

What makes this show special is it’s music. Undoubtedly, every Broadway show is unique with it’s music, but ‘Cats’ can be called the strongest musical of Lloyd Webster. Here, he introduces genres range form classical to pop, music hall, jazz, rock and electro-acoustic music as well as hymn-like songs. What is not typical for the Broadway shows here is the set. It doesn’t change throughout the whole show remaining the same oversized junk yard. So, if you urge to know all the cats’ secrets, this show is necessary for you to watch, no doubts!

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